10 DIY Lotion Recipes to Soothe Dry Winter Skin

on January 5, 2016
Eileen Chow of Yes Missy

Smooth Talking

Feeling dry? Winter can wreak major havoc on your skin, but that doesn't necessarily mean inflicting damage on your wallet! These easy body lotion DIY guides will keep you feeling silky smooth while replacing nutrients the frosty air has sapped from your skin-so you can put that cash saved on pricey moisturizers toward your heating bill. (You're welcome.)

Live Simply

Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion Without Coconut Oil

This whipped lotion is gentle enough to use on your face, but that doesn't mean it won't make your body seriously supple. It incorporates shea butter and jojoba plus essential oils for soothing nutrients and a light, natural fragrance.rnrn

Homemade Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion Without Coconut Oil from Live Simply


Simple 3-Ingredient Lotion

Beeswax and oil form a nourishing duo in this super simple moisturizer. Use rose water or herbal tea instead of water for a light fragrance and to give this recipe added natural benefits. rnrn

Homemade Lotion with 3 Simple Ingredients from Mommypotamus

Whole New Mom

Nourishing Solid Hand and Body Cream

While this creamy concoction is solid at room temperature, it quickly heats to a creamy consistency in your hands. Aloe vera juice aids in adding soothing qualities to the medley of nutrient-dense oils in the recipe. rnrn

Nourishing Hand and Body Cream from Whole New Mom

Happy Healthnut

Calming Orange Vanilla Whipped Body Butter

Need to calm down? Lavender and orange essential oils and vanilla extract mingle to pamper your mind as well as dry skin in this whipped butter. The addition of Vitamin E makes this one superstar of a skin-saver! rnrn

Calming Orange Vanilla Whipped Body Butter from Happy Healthnut

The Sprouting Seed

Bronzing Body Butter

This whipped body butter smells good enough to eat! Containing a healthy dose of Vitamin E and peppermint oil along with cocoa butter, it leaves your skin with a healthy, bronzed glow and a sweet scent. rnrn

DIY Bronzing Whipped Body Butter from The Sprouting Seed

Eileen Chow of Yes Missy

Mango Body Butter

Light and airy, this silky concoction smells like a tropical dream. Shea and mango butters marry into a satin whipped lotion guaranteed to chase away the blues along with cracked winter skin! rnrn

Whipped Mango Body Butter from Brit + Co

Vegan Beauty Review

Vegan Lotion Bars

Cute as a button! These vegan lotion bars are ultra portable-pop 'em into a tin, and never worry about your lotion spilling into your bag. They mold beautifully, too, making them a perfect gift idea. rnrn

DIY Lotion Bars from Vegan Beauty Review

Paleo Mama

Magnesium Body Butter

Magnesium is often touted as a "miracle mineral" for its numerous benefits, including the treatment of migraines and insomnia as well as boosting energy levels. A great way to up your magnesium intake is transdermally, so this whipped magnesium body butter, with its skin softening properties, is pretty much a miracle in and of itself. rnrn

Whipped Magnesium Body Butter from The Paleo Mama

Life Ann Style

Green Tea and Oat Body Butter Bars

Get your green tea fix with these herbal bars! Matcha powder is the secret ingredient, while mango, shea and almond butters combine to moisturize deeply. Plus, there's a bonus recipe for an oat bar that uses cocoa butter for a beautiful texture and delicious scent. rnrn

Green Tea and Oat Body Butter Bars from Life Ann Style

GI 365

Lemon Cream Body Butter

What's more decadent and luxurious than a lemon cream dessert? A silky lemon cream blend you can slather onto your skin! Restore softness to your body with this tempting treat-you can substitute beeswax for the cacao butter to achieve your preferred texture. rnrn

Lemon Cream Body Butter from GI 365