Celebrities' Favorite Desserts

on February 21, 2012


Oprah picked Ciao Bello Blood Orange Sorbetto as one of her favorite things. “I love it because the flavor is just so refreshing.” on Oprah.com Nutrition: One serving of Ciao Bello Blood Orange sorbet has 98 calories.


Kristin Davis

“I especially love M&Ms…and ice cream.” to Fitness Nutrition: 10 M&M candies have 34 calories.

Kate Middleton

For the royal wedding, Kate selected traditional fruitcake and chocolate biscuit cake. to People Nutrition: A slice of fruitcake has 139 calories.

NBC Photo

Lisa Kudrow

“I love to bake chocolate chip cookies.” to US Weekly Nutrition: One Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookie has 110 calories.

Britney Spears

“Chocolate. Definitely chocolate. A lot of chocolate.” to Stylist Nutrition: A square of dark chocolate has 27 calories.

Michelle Obama

The First Wife was spotted sharing “key lime pie, bread pudding and banana pineapple cake with the rest of the table” Marian Burros on Politico Nutrition: A small slice of key lime pie has 150 calories.

Sofia Vergara

“I have lollipops in my handbag.” to Extra Nutrition: A small lollipop contains 50 calories.


Katie Holmes

“She loves cupcakes…I mean, the girl loves cupcakes” Tom Cruise on wife Katie Holmes, to People Magazine Nutrition: A mini cupcake contains 100 calories.