10 Shocking Celeb-Inspired Plastic Surgeries

on July 21, 2014

Valeria Lukyanova—Real Life Barbie

With her augmented breasts, large blue eyes and impossibly small waist, Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova has cast herself as the so-called "Real Life Barbie." The doll-like woman, who has stirred controversy with her ultra-thin waist and racist comments about biracial children, underwent numerous plastic surgery procedures in order to attain her distinctive (and arguably disturbing) "Barbie" look.

Justin Jedlica—Real Life Ken

Dubbed the "Real Life Ken Doll" for his plasticky appearance, Justin Jedlica has transformed himself into the likeness of a Ken doll by receiving over 149 cosmetic procedures, which cost him over $170,000. The self-proclaimed attention lover, who is inspired by the theatrics of Michael Jackson, hopes to break into the entertainment industry.

Trouble in Paradise?

Justin and Valeria—aka Real Life Barbie and Human Ken—met at a photo shoot earlier this year. Was it a plastic match made in heaven? Well, not quite. Justin famously dissed his doll-like counterpart, calling her his "arch nemesis" and comparing her to a drag queen.

Claire Leesan—Kim Kardashian

For years, Claire Leesan had been enamored with her idol, Kim Kardashian—so she shelled out over $30,000 to look like the celebrity. Claire's makeover has included breast implants, teeth whitening, hair extensions, make-up, spray tans, nails, and lots of shoes and clothes. And, to mimic Kim's famous derriere, Claire also wears butt pads and works out regularly.

Matt and Mike Schlepp—Brad Pitt

Twin brothers Matt and Mike spent a small fortune on a string of plastic surgeries in an attempt to transform themselves into Brad Pitt clones. The twins appeared on an episode of MTV's "I Want a Famous Face."

Toby Sheldon—Justin Bieber

In a bid to transform his face into the mirror image of teen heartthrob Justin Bieber, Toby Sheldon, 33, went under the knife, spending a small fortune—almost $100K—on procedures such as liposuction, lip injections and even "smile" surgery.

Kitty—Jennifer Lawrence

Most women admire actress Jennifer Lawrence for her down-to-earth personality and good looks, but one woman took her admiration to an extreme level. In an effort to more closely resemble her idol, Kitty, a 33-year-old Texan, spent $25,000 on six total procedures.

Ashley Horn—Lindsay Lohan

After discovering that she was the long-lost half-sister of Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Horn (right), received $25,000 worth of plastic surgery to look more like her famous sibling. In 2012, Ashley discovered that she was related to Lindsay, when the results of a DNA test concluded that Michael Lohan was her biological father. "I'm hotter than Lindsay! I have no problem saying that," the teen boasted after her surgeries.

Nicholas Ryan—Ryan Gosling

Aspiring actor Nicholas Ryan, 32, hoped to attain the knockout features of Ryan Gosling, so he dished out over $5,000 worth of extensive cosmetic procedures in order to look like America's heartthrob. Nicholas has reported that he is pleased with the post-op results, adding that he hopes his surgery will help him score more ladies.

Nadya Suleman—Angelina Jolie

We all envy Angelina Jolie for her plump, full lips, but one woman took her envy too far. Nadya Suleman—also known as "Octomom"—earned notoriety in 2009 for giving birth to octoplets and later being convicted of committing welfare fraud. Although Nadya denies that she has received plastic surgery, rumors suggest that the mother of eight has altered her appearance in order to resemble bombshell Angelina Jolie.