Celebs' Favorite Low-Cal Snacks

on March 1, 2012
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Celebs' Favorite Snacks

These 10 tasty snacks keep the celebs satisfied between meals.

Rachel McAdams

“I can make guacamole. I never met an avocado until I was 25. Once I discovered them, I was all over it.” ...to People <a href="http://www.spryliving.com/recipes/guacamole/}TRY THIS DELICIOUS GUACAMOLE RECIPE!

Virginia Sherwood

Hoda Kotb

“Brad’s Kale Chips. They have changed my life.” ...on TODAY

Nia Long

"Long snacks on a combination of apples, cinnamon, crushed Kashi GoLean cereal and whey powder." ...People

Jennifer Garner

“Crunchy celery dipped in almond butter is a winning combo of protein and fat that gives an energizing boost.” ...to OK!

Valerie Bertinelli

"I love movie popcorn ... there's a healthier alternative in unbuttered popcorn and it's still satisfying." ...to Women’s Day TRY THIS RECIPE FOR CURRIED POPCORN!

Kim Cattrell

“Berries, crackers ... I keep snacks handy, because I get hungry.” ...to Shape

Joseph Puhy

Jillian Michaels

"TV's Toughest Trainer" snacks on Popchips. This tasty snack has “100 calories, with no preservatives, no trans fats, and no artificial sweeteners.” ...to Shape

Gwyneth Paltrow

"Raw almonds with raisins, or coconut water, or I'll make a juice with kale, lemon juice, water, Vitamix and a little agave." ...to Self Magazine

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Rachel Ray

Ray likes to stock her cupboard with “handy and healthy snack foods” like apples, yogurt, raisins, and rice cakes. ...on RachelRay.com

Kelly Ripa

“My favorite snack these days are ‘Think Thin’ peanut butter protein bars” ...to OK!