DIY Deodorant

on April 28, 2015

Sonnet's Kitchen

At-Home Deodorant Recipes

Sure, do-it-yourself deodorant may take more time than simply picking up brand-name deodorant at the grocery store, but due to concern about toxins in store-bought D.O., there has been a recent surge of bloggers making this hygiene staple from scratch. There are several chemicals in manufactured deodorant that are cause for concern, the most troublesome being aluminum. While some studies link the presence of aluminum in deodorant to breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease, results are inconclusive. Nevertheless, at-home deodorant is a great way to avoid potentially harmful toxins and is probably better for your skin, anyway. Thinking about making the switch to DIY deodorant? Take a look at these four at-home deodorants, many of which utilize common ingredients found in your kitchen and pantry.

In Sonnet's Kitchen

3- Ingredient DIY Deodorant

This simple and to-the-point salve deodorant is Sonnet's go-to. She swears it works better than anything you could purchase at the store-and its so easy, why not give it a go? Find this recipe for DIY Deodorant here.

Making Today Beautiful

Essential Oil + Coconut Oil Deodorant

Not only is this DIY Deodorant full of soothing essential oils, it's as practical as it is nice-smelling. This concoction stood up to midday yard work in the heat with no need to reapply. Find this recipe for deodorant at Making Today Beautiful.

The Mountain Rose Blog

DIY Spray Deodorant

We have sticks, salves and now sprays. These liquid deodorants are made with three simple ingredients that are both astringent and antimicrobial to keep you smelling clean all day long. Find the recipe here.

Thank Your Body

DIY Stick Deodorant

This deodorant features essential oils, shea butter and coconut oil. It's the moisturizer solution for anyone with sensitive skin. You can find this recipe from Thank Your Body here.