10 Great Energy Boosters

on June 20, 2011

Add Some Exercise

If you already sleep well and eat the right foods, try adding exercise for an energy boost. It’s no secret that regular physical activity combats fatigue. Check out the walking work out plan in our article “Walk It Off!” or the running tips in “Ready, Set, Run” to send your energy level over the top!


Improve Your Commute

Practice good posture to open up your chest and take in more energizing oxygen with your breaths even when you’re in your car. Adjust the seat to a 90-degree angle, and tilt your rearview mirror so you have to sit up straight to see out of it.


Sleep With the Sun

Total amount of sleep may be most important, but experts say your body also functions better when you stick closer to the sun's natural schedule, turning in early and waking near daybreak.

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Try Tai Chi

Step 2. After repeating Step 1 seven times, bend your left knee, extending your right arm and drawing your left hand to your shoulder as if you're an archer preparing to shoot an arrow. As you lunge, loudly exhale to release tension. Repeat to the opposite direction.


Get Your Fiber!

Aim for 10 grams of fiber at breakfast from fruits and whole grains. Fiber promotes healthy digestion, which keeps you from feeling sluggish. Also, because whole grains are low on the glycemic index, they give your body a steady stream of energy.


Get Your Iron

It's no news that low iron can cause your energy to flag, but still, one out of five women is iron-deficient. This mineral carries oxygen to your tissues, delivering the fuel it needs to burn carbohydrates. Lean red meat is the best source of iron, but you can boost the absorption of iron from plant-based foods like spinach and edamame if you combine it with vitamin C-rich ingredients like tomatoes.

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Embrace Imperfections

Identify your perfectionist tendencies, whether it's cleaning the house or being available to your boss 24-7, and try to gradually scale back your expectations of yourself. You may be able to increase your energy, but you're only human!

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Drink Green Tea

Green tea gives you a milder jolt than coffee, so it's less likely to mess with your sleep. Plus, it packs an added bonus: 4 cups a day can actually rev up your metabolism by 80 calories. And green tea (like most liquids) keeps you hydrated and delivers nutrients throughout your body.

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Get Outside

Several recent studies have drawn a connection between being outside and feeling "alive." In one, people who walked outside reported increased vitality compared to those who walked indoors.

Mark Boughton/Styling: Teresa Blackburn

Get Your Protein

Include protein at every meal and snack to keep your muscles strong so you won't be dragging at the end of a long day. The best sources are lean meats, poultry, legumes, low-fat dairy and fish.