7 Healthy (And Fun!) Lunch Options

on October 23, 2015


Who Said Lunch Had to Be Unhealthy and Boring?

Everyone knows that a successful workday is just as much about what you put into your body as what you put into your brain. Scheduled nap time from the elementary school days ends at too early an age, so maintaining energy from the morning's first alarm is all about a nutrient-packed mid-day meal to keep the energy up and brain juices flowing steady. Avoiding tired classics like the PB&J (which we're convinced actually stands for pretty boring & just-not-great) is the key to keeping everyone's favorite part of the day anything but stale. Here are our favorite alternatives for easy, tasty and healthy lunches.

Kimberley Hasselbrink

Corn and Zucchini Fritters

Packed with a vitamin-rich dose of corn and zucchini, these savory fritters are the perfect midday-munches to put peanut butter and jelly to bed for good. To make them even better, add a side of protein-packed Greek yogurt for dipping.

Find the recipe here.

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Breadcrumb Chicken Nuggets

We all know how foolproof a meal option chicken nuggets are, and this healthy spin on a fattening favorite is perfect for those days you just can't decide what to do with the leftover chicken from the night before. Coated in breadcrumbs and cooked in a skillet rather than deep fried, these chicken nuggets will provide all the protein you need without slowing you down with loads of fat content. Pack with your favorite fruit or vegetable for well-rounded goodness.

Find the recipe here.


Mini Ham and Cheese Quinoa Cups

Ham and cheese are just the tip of the iceberg as far as ingredient combinations go in this easy, versatile dish. Essentially a mini frittata, these mini-muffin sized cups are packed with egg-filled protein, grain-filled quinoa, and as many veggies and other healthy ingredients as you want. Preparation is no-hassle, and these tiny crowd pleasers are easy to store in the freezer and warm up again the next day.

Find the recipe here.


Apple Sandwiches with Peanut (or Almond) Butter and Granola

Alright, so we had to include at least one peanut-butter-filled recipe (because, let's face it, peanut butter goes with just about anything), but there's no jelly or bread in sight for this one! Nix the carb-filled bread and sugary jelly and add apple slices and a hearty helping of granola and you've got yourself a new and improved-and, did we mention, way healthier?-spin on the outdated classic.

Find the recipe here.



Sushi is a guaranteed crowd pleaser most of the time, but DIY preparation and storage of this fishy favorite presents a bit of a challenge for most of us. Pack a homemade fruit rollup with your favorite fresh fruits and enough sushi rice to be filling, and you've got a healthy, colorful midday treat to devour. These can even be paired with fruit sauce and whipped cream for those unavoidable indulgent days.

Find the recipe here.


Bento Box Homemade Taco Cups

It's hard to deny the convenience of Bento Box lunches, and this one pairs the easy with the delicious and healthy by creating a mini, portable taco bar. Just pack each compartment with different nutrient-packed taco fillers, such as lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and turkey chunks in place of beef. Include mini taco cups, and you do the rest of the prep come noon!

Find the recipe here.


Mini Salad Pita Pockets

Let's be honest, we sometimes look at our midday salads with sigh-filled disappointment, but pack your favorite salad ingredients in a tiny pita pocket, and it's suddenly a completely new, tastier, more grab-worthy lunch option. Veggies, grains, protein and dairy packed inside one compact sandwich? Everyone's happy.

Find the recipe here.