Holiday Gifts for Weight Watchers

on November 30, 2011

Eat, Drink, Live Tiffin

$24, Who wouldn’t bag the brown paper sack in favor of this sleek and inspirational stainless steel lunch box? The tiffin is a traditional Indian lunch box used to transport meals and snacks to work and school. Three compartments keep food separate, and can maintain temperature for about an hour. Ten Thousand Villages is a fair trade retailer and nonprofit organization that helps artisans in developing nations sell their wares.

The Spice Lab Sea Salt Samplers

$29.95 to 59.95; Cutting calories doesn’t have to mean sacrificing flavor, and you can help make low-cal cooking exciting again with a collection of gourmet sea salts. Available in 5, 6, and 11-variety packs, The Spice Lab’s samplers are packaged in adorable test tubes that hold about an ounce of salt. The Aloha collection is brand new and features salts from Hawaii, but you can choose from more than 150 salts from 30 countries.

Portion measuring spoon

$15, When you’re watching your weight, weighing and measuring ingredients and portions is crucial. The bowl of this silicon spoon is marked with half-teaspoon, teaspoon and tablespoon measurements, and the clear plastic handle can hold up to ¼ cup of wet or dry ingredients. Measure, stir and serve with the same utensil to streamline time in the kitchen.

OXO Food Scale with Pull-Out Display

$49.99, Here’s another tool to help measure servings accurately ... with a high-tech twist. With OXO’s food scale, it’s easy to measure ingredients in containers via an easy “zero-out” feature. The display pulls out a few inches from the scale if you need to see around a large object. The scale can accommodate up to 11 pounds, and measures in 1/8 oz. increments.

Comfort Food Fix: Feel Good Favorites Made Healthy by Ellie Krieger

$18.12, Gifting a healthy cookbook can be a risky proposition, but Ellie Krieger’s latest offering, which lightens up everyone’s favorite comfort foods, doesn’t scream “I’m on a diet!” The star of Food Network’s Healthy Appetite creates recipes that are so delicious that it’s easy to forget you’re cutting back. (Check out her Corn and Cheddar Spoon Bread.) In fact, with beautiful photography, you may find you want to display this book rather than hide it away.

FusionBrand Foodpod

$15, The brightly colored silicone Foodpod looks and sounds like an alien object, but its possibilities are endless. You can use it to steam veggies or shellfish, or boil eggs. Put the food in the 1.75-quart pod, transfer the pod to water and then remove and drain ... without burning your hands, thanks to a large, easy-to-grip handle. The pod is dishwasher-safe.

Healthy Gifts for Weight Watchers

Know someone who’s keeping calories in check? Show your support for the healthy changes they’ve made by choosing a gift to help them on their journey.