Hottest Gear for At-Home Workouts

on December 12, 2011

Nautilus CoreBody Reformer

$279; www.corebodyreformer.comA portable pulley-and-balance-bar system that combines elements of yoga, Pilates and dance, the Nautilus CoreBody Reformer challenges balance, ramps up your heart rate and targets ... you guessed it ... the core muscles. The reformer comes with a DVD of four workouts, a weightloss plan, a workout poster, a carrying strap and workout cards.

Kamagon Ball

$150; www.KamagonBall.comThis oversized rubber ball with handles can be filled with the amount of water you choose for a versatile resistance workout, says Jessica Matthews, exercise physiologist at the American Council on Exercise. You can target your arms and core by the lifting the ball, throwing it to a partner, or holding it during ab routines to up the burn. Work your lower body by placing the ball between the legs and doing leg lifts, or holding the ball while doing squats. The sloshing water makes your body work even harder to stabilize your movements.

Step360 Pro

$150;; (also available on, $129)Part balance ball, part step and part resistance band, the Step360 Pro can be used for plyometrics (jumping workouts), cardio exercises (like step routines), balance training (thanks to its air-filled base, which you can adjust) and strength training. 360Pro comes with an exercise DVD, a wall chart and hand pump.

TRX Suspension Trainer

$113;“TRX provides an excellent strength workout using your own body weight,” says Michael R. Bracko, sports physiologist/director of the Institute for Hockey Research in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, of the suspension workout system that’s comprised of sturdy, adjustable straps with attached handles. In a TRX workout, you use your own body weight as resistance to do cardio moves, like mountain climbers, with your feet in the suspended straps, or weight-training moves, like shoulder flies and bicep curls while holding the straps. “It is portable and lightweight, and because of its durable design, you can exercise at home, anchoring it in a doorway, at the gym, or even outdoors.” The kit comes with a workout DVD, waterproof fold-out setup guide, and mesh storage bag.

Virtual Active

$7.95 and up; www.vafitness.comTurn your stationary bike ride, elliptical machine jaunt, or run on the treadmill into a visual adventure by watching Virtual Active’s DVDs and downloads on your TV or computer while you work out. Each video takes you on a virtual trip through exciting landscapes and terrain. Bike the mountains and plateaus of Arizona and Utah, run the trails of the Swiss Alps or the sidewalks and lakefront of Chicago, or a hike through Joshua Tree National Park. You can choose from guided, in which a trainer encourages you to switch up the speed and intensity of your workout, or unguided trips.