How Not to Gain Weight on Vacation: Top Travel Fitness Solutions

on May 2, 2013

How Not to Gain Weight on Vacation: Top Travel Fitness Solutions

Keep your diet on track while you’re away these travel fitness tips.

1. Start at the airport.

Whether or not your airport has designated walking trails, like Dallas Fort Worth International’s LiveWell Walking Path, use your layover to fit in a brisk walk. Toting a carryon means an even bigger calorie burn.

2. Choose a health-minded hotel.

From rock-climbing walls, group fitness classes and in-room workout videos to free rental bikes, running shoes and pedometers, hotels around the world are stepping up their stay-fit factors. Book a room with Kimpton Hotels, and you’ll find a yoga mat in the closet, as well as 30-minute on-demand meditation, yoga and Pilates classes on your room TV. At a Sheraton and want to fit in a sweat? Call down for their Gym-In-A-Bag, which comes with a mat, resistance band, foam roller, massage stick and workout book. Forget your running kicks? If you’re at a Westin, just borrow a pair. New Balance shoes and running threads will be delivered to your room for $5 as part of the chain’s Elements of Well Being program. Hit the streets on one of their mapped 3- or 5-mile routes.

3. Extend your gym.

Several fitness centers, including YMCAs, Gold’s Gym and Anytime Fitness, have reciprocal memberships, allowing you to work out at any location around the country. Some require a travel pass, which allows you a number of free visits outside your home gym, so check with your membership.

4. Carry your cardio equipment.

A jump rope takes up minimal space and packs a maximum cardio workout (10 minutes can burn nearly 150 calories).

5. App-ly yourself.

Turn your smartphone into a personal trainer with the Nike Training Club app. It features 15-, 30-, and 45-minute full-body workouts complete with video how-tos for each move.

6. Om anywhere.

Gaiam’s toeless yoga socks and grippy yoga gloves pack down to nearly nothing and allow you to flow through your asanas without a mat, wherever you are.

7. Tread lightly.

Minimalist shoes, like the New Balance Minimus Zero, weigh less than half a pound for lightweight travel and cushion your feet for hours of trekking. Just make sure you break them in incrementally for maximum comfort and results.

8. Enjoy the moment.

Soak up the location you’re in by partaking in local fitness options. Whether it’s exploring your surroundings by foot, bike or kayak (rent them from nearby shops, plus get the inside scoop from the locals who run them), you’ll get exercise and new experiences in one.