Last-Minute Gifts for Fitness Fanatics

on December 5, 2011

Great Gifts for Fitness Fanatics

Surprise your favorite gym rat with these unique finds that make fitness more fun.


$189; Dubbed as the “ultimate 30-minute workout,” Ugi is the ultimate “why didn’t I think of that?” idea. Developed as a fresh take on the old-school medicine ball, Ugi is fast gaining a reputation as a multi-functional, results-garnering piece of fitness equipment. Ugi users can utilize entire muscle groups at one time with balance moves, isolations, planks, cardio bursts, lunges and more. Ugi classes are offered in limited locations, but fear not! You can Ugi at home with the Ugi at Home system or on-the-go with the Ugi iPhone app.

CORE Armband

$179.95, $259.90 with display; The key to losing weight is ensuring you burn more calories than you consume. The easiest way to make sure those two factors are working harmoniously is to track them, and the CORE Armband by BodyMedia makes it simple to do just that. Strap on the small grey armband, and it immediately begins tracking your activity—including the number of calories burned—down to the very last step. Synchronize the unit with your computer and log your meals with the BodyMedia online calorie counter, and you have an accurate read on your day and a better handle on where those pesky pounds are sneaking in—or how great you’re doing at taking them off!

Armpocket Sport

$29.95; Running, walking or training of any kind is cumbersome when you have to carry your phone/music player. Or worse, your keys or wallet! Free your hands and get the most of your workout with the Armpocket Sport i-20. The waterproof, sweat-resistant pouch features moisture-wicking backing and vented straps to keep your arm comfortable and cool, and it’s the perfect size to accommodate a phone, keys, small wallet or other sundry items you keep on your person. Navigate your touchscreen smart phone even on the move through the plastic cover, and feed your earbud line through the protective audio port on the bottom. Available in seven colors in small, medium and large sizes.


$29.99; No two ears are shaped alike, so one-size-fits-all earbuds are impractical. The smart option is chicBuds’ Fauvette Gold Edition iPhone Earbuds. The set offers three different tip sizes to accommodate different shapes and sizes of ears. And the gold cabled buds pull double-duty with the microphone, which allows for phone use as well.

Sherpani Satchel

$89.95; A Sherpani bag adds a touch of fashion to your fitness plans, and the Nau satchel, part of the Elements collection, makes transitioning from work to workout more fun. The natural canvas satchel is a jackpot for storage of all kinds. Pack up your tablet and take-home stuff after work, and drag out your workout duds, shoes and water bottle at the gym. Unzip the expansion option, and there’s plenty of room for all. Each of the four bags in the Nau line features a different piece of Cathy Nichols art, which simply ups the “Wow! Where’d you get that bag?” factor. And the fact that it’s eco-friendly — all the way down to the recycled aluminum hardware and non-toxic dyes? That’s simply icing on the cake. The sugar-free, fat-free, zero-calorie cake, that is!

Camelbak Podium Ice

$20; Camelbak has been a mainstay in the fitness hydration circle for a long time, and the new Podium Ice bottle merely secures the brand’s staying power. The inner-bottle insulation is what sets this vessel apart from its competitors. That and about 10 other reasons, like its easy-to-squeeze, leak-proof design. Or the fact that the insulation actually keeps cold liquids cold and warm liquids warm. And the fact that it’s a perfect fit — easy out, easy in — for bike holders? That simply makes it a slam dunk!

Kangoo Jumps

$179 - $299; For the fitness fanatic who has it all, bounce this idea around: Kangoo Jumps. Strap on the boots much like you would ski boots, get your bearings, and off you go. Used for “rebound exercise,” Kangoo Jumps are equal parts fun and fitness. Channel your inner-Tigger as you jog, jump or partake in one of the five official Kangoo Jumps fitness programs. Research shows that these bouncing boots are gentler on joints then regular fitness shoes, and devotees swear by the increased endurance, improved cardiovascular health and stress reduction Kangoo Jumps provide. First timers be warned, though. You’ll likely feel a bit unsteady and quite silly the first time you put them on. But once you adapt, you’ll find a whole new world of fitness fun to explore.