5 Ways to Ease Neck Pain

on September 23, 2015


Donu2019t Wreck Your Neck

We've all been there before-a long day at the office suddenly translates into pain in the upper back and neck area. If you're at a desk all day, here are five easy ways to combat pain and get back to doing what you do best.


Switch Up Your Sleeping Position

Sometimes the cause of our pain during the day might be the way that we're resting at night. Sleeping on your back has been proven to be the best way to prevent added neck and back pain because it places the least strain on those muscles.


Get Level with Your Computer

Looking too far down at your computer can cause pain in your neck over time. Adjust the level of your computer so you are looking at your screen at eye-level. Use whatever you have to adjust the height-even your favorite books!


Heat it Up

Applying heat to a sore neck helps stiff muscles to relax, easing tension and pain. Using an herbal heat pack like this one can provide quick and easy relief.


Stretch it Out

There are a variety of different stretches you can do throughout the day that will help prevent neck pain. Aim to get up from your desk, take a short walk, and stretch every hour. Your body will thank you.


Talk to a Chiropractor

For those with chronic neck pain, a visit to a chiropractor's office may provide much-needed relief. A chiropractor is medically trained to adjust your body so that it (and you!) are in working order in no time.