Pet Owners’ Top 5 Summer Mistakes

on July 1, 2011

Mistake #1: Using the wrong flea fighting formula

When flea control products made for dogs are administered to cats, severe neurological problems can develop. Read the product label carefully before applying to be sure it is safe for cats.


Mistake #2: Exposing pets to pesticides

Many of the products that are toxic for pests, like snails, rodents and ants, are also toxic for dogs. (Cats are much more discriminating about what they eat.) Within hours of eating snail bait, for instance, dogs develop symptoms beginning with tremors and progressing to seizures, even coma. Read labels carefully, and if you think your dog has ingested something toxic, go to a veterinary hospital immediately.

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Mistake #3: Relying on pet ID tags

Whether you board your pet or bring him along on vacation, he’s more likely to get lost if he gets loose in unfamiliar territory. Have your vet implant a microchip containing your contact information under the skin—unlike a collar, it’s with your pet at all times, and keep the microchip registry information updated. A current ID tag on your pet’s collar is a great added insurance policy.

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Mistake #5: Leaving your pet in the car

Temperatures within a parked car can soar to 120 degrees or more within minutes, even with the windows cracked. Dogs and cats dissipate body heat only via panting. Left inside a car on a hot day, their body temperature rises quickly, often resulting in fatal consequences. Better to leave them home in air-conditioned comfort.