Best Pilates Buys

on August 15, 2011

Gear up for your Pilates practice.

Hit class--or your home practice--with the mat, threads and gear, recommended by Tracey Mallett, Master Pilates Instructor and creator of <a href=""Pilates Super Sculpt ($19.95), that will make you look great and your workout easier.

Cozy crops.

LuLu Lemon Astro Wunder Under Crop ($78) are Tracey’s go-to Pilates pants. The wide waistband is flattering and stays put, and the three-quarter length keeps your feet in view, ensuring proper form.

Top-notch tank.

Support and coverage are key in a top. The Lulu Lemon Bulerias Tank ($58) does both with its built-in bra and reasonable neckline. The criss-cross back straps allow arms and shoulders to move freely.

Balanced Body

Cushy mat.

The <a href=""Balanced Body Aeromat ($50) is thicker than a yoga mat, providing extra padding for Roll Like a Ball and other moves that require extra cushioning for the spine.

Balanced Body

Ring bearer.

Incorporating a ring in home practice or class is great for toning hard-to-target inner thighs, Tracey says. The <a href=""Ultra-Fit Circle ($34) has inner and outer grooves, helping it stay in place during tough exercises.

Have a ball.

The SPRI Sponge Ball ($10) is a great addition to a mat workout and can boost core muscle strength, improve posture and more.