4 Stunning Savory Fruit Recipes

on July 14, 2015


Mix Up a Juicy Summer Staple

Summer is the time to eat as much fruit as you can; it all tastes so much better when the sun is shining. Long overlooked for a starring role at suppertime, fruit can play a role on your table well beyond dessert. Try these quick recipes and give savory fruit a chance to take center stage.

Sydney Oland

Fruit Glazed Shrimp

Juicy mango is the perfect tropical flavor companion to salty shrimp skewers. A tart glaze smothers the shrimp during grilling, and doubles as sauce to serve alongside.

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Sydney Oland

Salmon with Fruit Salsa

Rich, flavorful salmon gets a tart makeover covered in a sweet and savory salsa. Can't get enough? Try the versatile fruit salsa with grilled shrimp or chicken breasts.

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Sydney Oland

Watermelon, Mint and Chili Salad

Give your tastebuds a refreshing kick of a wakeup call! Who knew so many flavors could be packed into one satisfying side? If you need to tamp down the spice in this summer potluck staple, substitute the Thai chilies for a large seeded jalapeu00f1o.

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Sydney Oland

Fruit Gazpacho

Who says soups are just for chilly, rainy days? Prepare this cool and mellow twist on gazpacho as close as possible to serving time. If you must make it ahead, a quick whir in the blender will take care of any separation prior to serving.

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