The Best Free Health Apps

on December 20, 2011

The Best Free Healthy Mobile Apps

Modern technology can bode well in the name of healthy mobile apps. Here’s what’s new on the mobile app market.

CalorieKing Calorie Counter

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, CalorieKing Calorie Counter is like a handy pocket guide to help you make smarter food choices. Whether you’re dining out or eating at home, CalorieKing provides easy food comparisons of calories, carbs and fat. Perfect for when you’re faced with having to make a healthy decision on the fly. Plus, the 70,000-food database offers more detailed nutritional information for each food, including fiber, cholesterol, sodium and more.

Daniel Miller’s Daily FREE workouts

For those who know they want to workout but are stumped on where to start, check out the line of workouts from Daniel Miller. Choose from titles like Daily Leg Workout, Daily Yoga, Daily Cardio Workout, Daily Arm Workout and more … each option hones in on a specific body area or fitness type. Next, set the workout length, routine option (there are several option in each workout) and get started. It’s like a personal trainer in your mobile device.

Monthly Cycles Period Calendar

Paying close attention to your body and its signals is key to getting a firm grasp on your overall health. With Monthly Cycles Period Calendar, you can track your cycle, ovulation days, average cycle length and duration and more. Armed with that information, you can monitor patterns and report any concerns to your doctor. You can also predict when you’re likely to be felled by cramps, bloating or menstrual migraines, plan accordingly and possibly prevent distress.

Sleep Pillow Ambience

For the sleep-challenged, it’s time to get a little shut-eye courtesy of Sleep Pillow Ambience. Available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, the white noise machine app features a variety of sounds to help soothe you to sleep. The app works in the background, too, so you can tinker with other apps while trying to achieve your sleepy state. Set a timer, and the sounds will fade in preparation for shut-off. Sweet dreams!

Superfood HD

Get to know a whole new world of foods, and your health will thank you for it. Superfood HD, consistently given thumbs-up reviews, has been described as “the ultimate guide to shopping for fruits and veggies.” Learn why unique foods like mangosteen or noni pack a powerful health punch, and get recipes that will put them to work on improving your health.


A Byoni-developed app, Tracker2Go is a handy tracking tool for those in active weight-loss mode. Tracking your calorie input is simple with more than 92,500 foods to choose from in the database. Plus receive calorie “credits” when you input your daily exercise. The international options for weight and food amounts simply add to this app’s user-friendly appeal.

Relaxing Sounds of Nature

No two people’s sleep patterns are the same, and their fall-asleep music shouldn’t be either. Relaxing Sounds of Nature (aka Nature Sound) allows you to customize your sleep sounds to find the perfect solution to better sleep. Choose from the provided sounds: Think standards like whale calls, ocean waves, etc., or select more original options like a train ride, lake or spa sounds. Next, choose a second ambient sound that mingles well like crickets or chirping birds, adjust the levels and hit record. Your custom playlist can then be used with a night timer, wake-up timer, snooze sounds and more.