7 of The Top 2015 Fitness Trends

on August 5, 2015


Worth it?

Ahh, the ebb and flow of fitness. There have been some pretty outrageous fitness ideas in the last 6 decades. We chuckle at some of them now (ahem, massage belts), but what about this year's trends? We're taking a closer look at 2015's trends thus far to dissect what's worth it and what will eventually be cause for a good ol' belly laugh.


The Real Deal Trends

Every year the American College of Sports Medicine performs an in-depth report of all fitness trends. Some of this year's top contenders were: body weight training, high-intensity interval training, personal training, yoga and wellness coaching. 2015 has been all about efficient training, creative cardio and integrating mind health with physical fitness. We've stayed away from long, steady state cardio and disbanded heavy weight lifting to find a happy medium of H.I.I.T and body weight circuits.

Aside from these general trends, there are some interesting up-and-coming trends in the world of fitness that we want to investigate further. Keep scrolling to find out which fitness trends of 2015 we think are here to stay.


Aerial Yoga

It's not just normal yoga that's on the rise these daysu2013introducing aerial yoga. The hammock provides partial or total support for your body, allowing you to focus on improving flexibility, lengthening the spine and relaxing the nervous system. Find a studio near you!

Here to stay? Sadly, we think this trend may dissipate. Feel free to prove us wrong!


Waist Training

Also known as "waste training." Even if this method of losing inches is effective, it's not burning caloriesu2013it's shifting around organs. Sorry Kim, we aren't fans of this potentially harmful "weight loss" device.

Here to stay? No.


Matching Workout Gear

Looking good in the gym can enhance any workout, and now matching workout clothes are back in style. We're all about it. Check out these style options from Shape.

Here to stay? We hope so!


Personal Fitness Assessment

Personal Assessments are all the rage, but they're pricey. We're not talking about a simple speed test, or a sketchy body fat percentage test, we're talking about an accurate evaluation that could set you back anywhere from $800-$1,000. For more details, check out Caitlin Carlon's experience. Worth it? If you you can afford it, we say go for it!

Here to stay? Right now, it's too pricey to become a fitness staple.



In other words, "Forest Bathing." In this Japanese practice, the participant goes into the woods in a meditative and reflective mindset. The practice is known to lower blood pressure, keep cortisol levels down and help your immune system. Of course, there's more to Shinrin-Yoku than just going outsideu2013for more details, try this handbook.

Here to stay? Yes.


Curvy Yoga

Yoga's increasing popularity has lead to one of our favorite trends of this year: "Curvy Yoga." This practice accommodates all body types and the founder, Anna Guest-Jelley, is all about spreading the Curvy Yoga Movement as far and wide as she can. We're on board.

Here to stay? Yes, please.

James Jubb: Envious Photography

Bubble Ball

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to be a hamster in a rolling ball? (You know, like this guy.) Well, add soccer to the mix and you have "Bubble Ball." This new recreational sport is a hilarious way to burn calories and make memories.

Here to stay? We wouldn't be mad if it stayed, but it may have already peaked.